Appointment and Waiting room modules

In Omnimed's left menu, the Appointment and Waiting room modules are useful to the administrative staff and allow good communication with healthcare professionals.

Add a colleague's calendar into the Appointment module

Every Omnimed user can manage his own agendas' list in order to see the schedules of his institution's health professionals. You can add and remove colleagues' schedules easily through the Appointment module.

Add an appointment to a healthcare professional's calendar

You have two ways to assign appointments to patients. You can either assign an appointment through the Display schedule details mode, the Search availabilities mode of the Appointment module, or through the patient's Administrative center.

The Appointment module offers four display modes. The Manage schedule mode allows you to manage healthcare professionals' schedules, either create them or visualize them. You can use the schedule templates in this view to facilitating future management of schedule creation. You can see and manage availabilities, events, and appointments from the Display schedule details mode. The Search availabilities mode allows you to display availabilities in the Agenda view, and the Reassign appointments mode allows you to view the appointments' list of appointments that are linked to timeslots that have been modified or canceled.

Create a patient record

Because the Omnimed EMR is shareable, a preliminary check is essential to make sure there is not already a record for your patient. After searching with your patient's name or HIN in the search box, if no record exists, you can create a new record and complete your patient's information to then be able to assign him an appointment.

Add a patient to the waiting room

To add a patient to the waiting room, you have to click on the patient icon beside his name to access the Administrative center. Then, click on the clock icon on the top right.

Add a waiting room and empty it

Considering some institutions have more than one waiting room, Omnimed allows you to add many waiting rooms for your institution. To do so, the person responsible for the administrator account can create a new waiting room. This same person can empty the waiting room in order to take all patients off of it.