Appointment requests management module

The Appointment request management module allows the administrator account holder to set up an appointment request portal to be added to your clinic's website.

⚠️ Only designated people can use the administrator account. To do this, you must have access rights, which are given by Omnimed at the request of the clinic manager or an authorized person.

  1. Access the administrator account.
  2. Click on Manage appointment services in the Appointment management section.
  3. Enter the name of the institution to display to the patient.
  4. Enter the name to display in the appointment request portal URL.
    * This name cannot contain spaces or accent.
  5. Enter the email address and phone number that will appear as part of the online appointment request.
    🚨Note that there is no real-time synchronization between your institution's contact information in Omnimed and the contact information in the appointment request portal. If your address changes, please be sure to notify our support team and update the contact information in this section.
  6. Enter your institution's website in the format
  7. Activate the appointment request portal by sliding the first switch to the right. 
  8. To restrict appointment requests to patients with a record number in the institution, activate the Patient with a record number option by sliding the second switch to the right (optional).
  9. To restrict appointment requests to patients with a family doctor in the institution, activate the Patient with a family doctor in the institution option by sliding the third switch to the right (optional).
  10. Save.
  11. Copy the web link located in the Access to online services section to add it to your website.
    ⚠️Please note that this link is the single link that will allow all appointment requests to enter the same task queue. If you want to have multiple request “inboxes,” you can set up individual task queues. The link to use will then be linked to each task queue. You will need to configure your website accordingly to have multiple buttons(e.g. one button for requests with Dr. X, another with Dr. Y, etc.).

⚙️ Setting up your website

Ask your webmaster to add this URL to your website in iFrame so that the patient is redirected to the appointment request portal. Omnimed does not update your website.