Assigning appointments

The Appointment module allows you to manage two types of reservations:

  1. Appointments - any reservation associated with a time slot.
  2. Events - any reservation not associated with a time slot, for example, a phone call, a lunch-and-learn, a meeting between the institution’s stakeholders, etc.

    Book an appointment or an event

    You can assign an appointment to a patient from two different places in the EMR:

    1. From the Appointment module, in Display schedule details mode or Search availabilities mode
    2. From the Administrative center, by clicking on the calendar icon at the top right, which brings you to the Appointment module with the patient already selected.

    1. From the Appointment module

    In order to assign an appointment, you need to:

    1. Select the desired calendar. Your own agenda will be selected by default.
    2. Select the desired time slot. You can either use the Display schedule details mode and click directly on a time slot or use the Search availabilities mode and click on one of the list’s availabilities. The main advantage of the Availabilities mode is the ability to bring you directly to the following day containing availabilities, without having to look for them yourself in the calendar.
    3. Complete the information in the event creation menu that appears. From this menu you can:
      • Validate which agenda the appointment is associated with.
      • Select the activity type associated with the appointment
      • Modify the end time of the appointment
      • Search for and associate a patient with the appointment
      • Document the reason for consultation
      • Add a description

        When the booking window is displayed, the selected availability is "locked". The lock is a mechanism that allows, in real-time, to indicate to other users that availability is currently being reserved in order to avoid overbooking. A locked availability is grayed out and displays the Locked status preceded by the lock icon, regardless of the view or mode a user is in.

        The lock expires after 5 minutes
         to prevent a time slot from being inadvertently locked for an extended period of time.
      • Once you’ve entered all the required information, you simply need to click on Reserve in order to save the appointment in the desired calendar.

      2. From the Administrative center

      1. When the patient arrives or calls, validate his information.
      2. Check when are his next appointments (View the patient's appointments). 
      3. Click on the calendar icon in the upper right corner of the Administrative center, in order to give him a new appointment.

        By clicking on this icon, you'll be redirected to the Search availabilities mode in the Appointment module. Your patient will already be selected, you'll only have to pick an availability.

      Booking with temporary contact info

      In the event that the person you wish to assign an appointment to does not have a record in Omnimed, you have the option of adding temporary contact info in order to book an appointment quickly. This answers a need expressed by walk-in clinics that need to manage a large number of registrations in a short amount of time when they open their doors every day. To do so, search for your patient, and at the bottom of the results, click on Add temporary contact info.

      This will allow the quick booking of availabilities in order to be able to create a patient record at a later time. A patient with temporary contact info is identified by the empty-colored patient icon, rather than the habitual patient icon, full-colored, in the calendar.

      Once the patient's record has been created, you'll be able to modify the appointment and remove the temporary contact info once you've added the patient record.