Create schedules

It is possible to create schedules from the Appointment module. Schedules can be created from the creation of time slots in the calendar to which different appointment activities are linked (annual examination, pregnancy monitoring, out-patient, etc.) The management of activities is made through the administrator account.

By adding time slots to the schedule, you'll also be able to create templates that will help open your schedules.

Manage schedule mode

  1. Access the Appointment module's Manage schedule mode. The weekly schedule is displayed by default (views by month and day are also available).
  2. Select the agenda for which you wish to create time slots.

Methods of creating time slots

Four methods can be used to create time slots:

  1. Click directly in the calendar and then drag your mouse while holding the mouse button and release it when the time slots have the desired duration.
  2. Click directly in the calendar at the time you want the time slot to start, and when the time slot addition window opens, you will be able to adjust the duration.
  3. Use the add button to access the time slots addition window in order to set the time slots' details.
  4. Use a schedule template.

Add a time slot

The time slots addition window allows you to set the time slot's details, such as:

  • activity (⚠️ The selection of an activity is mandatory in order to be able to send appointment communications to patients)
  • title (optional if an activity is selected)
  • time interval of the appointments that will be booked in this time slot (the default interval corresponds to the duration of the selected activity)
  • start and end date and time
  • agenda
  • the recurrence linked to the time slot (optional)

Create recurrences

Since it's likely for a stakeholder's schedule to be similar from week to week or multiple times during a month, it's possible to create recurring time slots.

In order to do so, you need to check the box called Recurrence when adding a time slot.

  • The start date will always be the date selected in the calendar.
  • If you've selected a Monday, in the calendar, the Monday box will be checked and you'll be able to select other weekdays.
  • Indicate how often the recurrence should be repeated: weekly, biweekly, every 4 weeks, etc.
  • Finally, you have to select the recurrence end date, which by default will be 7 days later.

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