Cancel or move an appointment

Canceling appointments

  1. Click on the appointment to access its details windows
  2. Click on the Cancel this event button.
  3. Confirm the cancellation in order to validate the operation.

Moving an appointment

  1. Click on the appointment to access its details windows.
  2. Click on the Move this appointment button to be redirected towards the view displaying the calendar’s availabilities.
  3. A summary of the appointment details is displayed in a box that also gives you the choice of viewing all of the appointment details or to cancel the move.

    To move the appointment from one calendar to another: On the left, below the calendar, select the new person by selecting the box next to the person's name.

  4. To move the appointment, click on the desired time slot. Please note that by moving the latter, you'll also have the option of deleting the original availability.
  5. Click on the button Move.

ℹ️ Appointment that overlaps several availabilities

If you modify the length of an appointment or move it, all the available time slots affected by the new date and time of the appointment will be booked by default. If you only wish to book the selected availability, instead of all the affected availabilities, make sure to check the box to this effect in the appointment's move window or the modification window.