Visualize and modify an appointment

It is possible to easily visualize assigned appointments from the view of your choice from the mode Display schedule details. A quick overview of the appointment details is permanently displayed directly in the calendar of the list.

Visualize appointments

From the calendar (month, week or day views):

in the Agenda view (list):

  • Non-presence appointment types are represented by an icon to the left of the patient's name (telephone, home and other). 

To get more information on an appointment, simply click on it and a window displaying more details will appear.

Several operations are possible from this window:

Modify an appointment

  1. Click on the appointment to access its details window.
  2. Click on the pencil icon. 
  3. Modify appointment information in the modification window :
    1. Activity: click on the name of the activity to modify it;
    2. End time: click on the end time to modify it;
    3. Patient(s): search for a patient to add them or click on the X to the right of a 
      patient associated with the appointment to remove them.
    4. Note to patient;
    5. Reason for consultation;
    6. Description;
    7. Videoconference.

The patient can be notified of a modification to the appointment.

Please note that notification preferences are independent of each other. 
For example, if a clinic chooses not to send a notification when booking an appointment, the clinic will have to choose again whether or not to send a notification when modifying the appointment. The previous selection is not saved.


4. Click on the Modify button in order to save the changes.