Electronic consults - The how-to guide - Referring doctor


Omnimed, in partnership with several specialized physicians around Quebec, put in place a new pilot project of eConsults. This project gives access to the first-line physician's electronic files to second-line physicians in order for them to collaborate together.

The shareable feature of Omnimed's EMR allows different healthcare professionals to work and determine the proper conduct following the available information in unique patient files.

Please note that the goal is not to replace the traditional consultation mechanisms in specialized medicine, but to provide a new tool to allow the first-line physician to have help from the second line for cases that do not clearly need an in-person visit for the patient.

How-to guide

For the referring doctor (family doctor or another health professional)

Please note that before sending a request to a specialist, the referring doctor must have obtained the patient's consent (verbal or written) so that the specialist can access the file and view its content.

  1. Document all pertinent information for the desired specialty
    1. Update the problems list
    2. Update the medication list
    3. Fill in the specialty clinical tool if available and all other additional information needed 
  2. Send your clinical note in order to create a task for the consulting doctor
    1. Once your note completed, click on Send
    2. In the task box that appears, change the establishment for Consultations électroniques - ...
    3. Direct the task to the desired specialty task queue. (* It is important to address the task to the queue and not directly to the name of the specialist. This ensures that if we change specialist or if several specialists in one field answer, your task will be addressed.)
    4. In the task Description field, do not hesitate to indicate the direct number to which the specialist can call for more information by telephone if necessary. (* Please give your direct number which you can easily be reached for better efficiency. This number will only be shared with the specialist)
    5. Click on Add Task 
  3. You can follow your requests in the Task module by changing your institution for Consultations électroniques - ... and by choosing My sent tasks
  4. Once the task is returned to you, you can access it in the Consultations électroniques - ... institution
    1. Access the doctor's note by going directly into the patient's file.
    2. Complete the task related to the eConsult request.

Please note that the specialized physician can conclude that the patient must be seen because of their condition or the available information. It is also possible that your request is returned to you to provide further information.

Response time

Response time varies from specialist to specialist. A weekly reminder is sent to all participating specialists. Omnimed also provides a follow-up with the specialist beyond 2 months, but cannot guarantee any minimum response time delay.