Integrate online payment with the private billing module

Our private billing module is integrated with Stripe's online payment platform, which allows an invoice to be sent to the patient by email with a payment link to pay the bill online. This integration ensures consistency between the patient's balance in Omnimed and the online payment platform.


  1. Own a Stripe account. For more information or to create an account, contact the Stripe team.
  2. Find your Stripe account ID. An account ID is generated for you when you create your Stripe account. This is different from your account’s name and uniquely identifies your account. You can find your account ID in your account and profile settings, or by searching “account ID” in the search bar.
  3. Send your Stripe account ID to, indicating the name of the billing company associated with your Omnimed account that you wish to connect. 

Email a payment link to the patient

From the Private Billing module:

  1. Follow the steps to send an invoice by email for a new or existing invoice.
  2. In the Send an invoice by email window, click on the Add a payment link button.
  3. Click on the Send button.

Example of an email received by the patient

The patient will receive the invoice by email, and must click on the Pay Invoice button at the bottom of the message.

⚠️ Please note

  • Online payment of an invoice must cover the full amount.
  • Online payment via Stripe is not yet integrated with the patient's invoice balance in the Omnimed private billing module (integration to come). It is therefore necessary to manually pay the balance of the invoice in Omnimed once the patient has made a payment online.
  • Payment with a Stripe terminal is not currently available (integration to come).
  • If you encounter any problems opening the payment link, send the invoice by email again and click on the Generate new link button.
  • To remove the payment link from the email, click on the Remove link button.