Tips and Tricks with Google Chrome

As you probably already know, Omnimed highly recommends the use of the Google Chrome web browser in order to fully access all the functionalities of its various web-based tools and we do not guarantee that the application will work properly on any other web browser. It is with Google Chrome that our tests are made to ensure all functions work well.

Duplicate a tab

Press Alt+D+Enter keys simultaneously to duplicate a tab in the same window.

Shortcuts in order to open a link in a new tab

When you wish to open an Internet link in a new tab, you simply have to hold down the Ctrl key and use your main mouse to click on the link in question. It’s also possible to click on the link using your mouse wheel in order to perform the same operation.

Open a new blank tab

Rather than clicking on the small square shape on the right of the open tabs, you can simultaneously press the Ctrl and T keys in order to open a new blank tab.

Perform a search on the displayed page

As you would do in the Microsoft Office suite, you can perform a search quickly on the displayed page by using the Ctrl and F key combination.

Navigate quickly in the browser tabs

Users regularly have to switch between multiple tabs open simultaneously. By pressing the Ctrl and Tab keys you will move to the next tab. If you add the Shift key to this combination (Ctrl + Tab + Shift), you will instead move back to the previous tab.

You can also select a tab directly by pressing the Ctrl key and the number which represents the desired tab. For example, if you wish to select the 3rd tab, simply press Ctrl and 3 in order to access it directly.

Trick to refresh a page’s cache

Sometimes pages are not displayed properly or do not show their latest version. In numerous cases, this problem is due to the data stored in the cache memory (commonly called cache).

By pressing the Ctrl and F5 keys you will automatically refresh the page’s cache.

Quickly close a tab

By pressing the Ctrl and W keys, you will close the active tab.

Reopening a tab closed by mistake

Everyone closes a tab inadvertently every now and then, but it’s possible to reopen previously closed tabs by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and T keys.

You can use this shortcut multiple times in a row in order to open several closed tabs.

The famous spinning wheel which means a background task is running

In Google Chrome, when a task is being performed in the background, a spinning wheel generally appears and keeps spinning until the action is completed.

Regularly, the wheel will keep spinning even if the action has been completed. At this point, all you need to do is move your mouse cursor and the wheel should stop spinning.

We suggest that you move your mouse regularly and that you don’t simply rely on the spinning wheel icon.

Switching your browser’s and the application’s language

If you wish to change the language of your web browser, or of the Web application, it’s possible to do so via the Settings menu, from there you need to access the advanced settings.

For the complete procedure, please visit our article on this topic found in the Help Center.

You are a power user and would like to learn more?

The Google team makes available to everyone a complete list of the shortcuts which can be used in Chrome. You can access the complete list via this URL.