What does an electronic medical record (EMR) mean?

An electronic medical record is a fully computerized patient record that can be used by various health professionals such as a family doctor, a medical specialist, a nurse, a social worker, etc.

All patient information is found in this secure record; vital signs, medication taken, lab results, clinical notes, history, administrative info, etc.

And what about Omnimed's electronic medical record?

One of the main features of Omnimed? There is only one record per patient, so even if you change clinic or place of treatment, if Omnimed is used, all the patient history is available in the same place. Healthcare professionals who treat the same patient in several places of practice, therefore, gain in efficiency, by ensuring that they have all the data in hand to take care of the patient more quickly.

The granular data entered in Omnimed also makes it possible to personalize client follow-ups and generate reports and statistics in order to improve care.


1 file per patient

Centralize all patient follow-ups seen in the first and second lines

Collaborative record
Collaborative record

Complete patient record through the collaboration of all stakeholders;

One digital record used by different institutions and multiple healthcare professionals

Granular data

Standard and personalized tools allowing structured and searchable data collection

data interconnected
Security and compliance

Electronic medical record certified by the MSSS;

Data access based on patient consent

Results in graphs or tables to compare their evolution
Report generator for statistics or reflective practice
Outils cliniques
Note input with smart templates, like the Framingham score
One-click favorite structured prescriptions with daily dose calculation
Summary, contact information, active and past notes in a single view
Prise de RV
Multiple schedules to improve appointment scheduling
Integrated therapeutic advisor for interactive counseling and alerts
Sending tasks to facilitate medico-legal follow-ups between stakeholders
document scanning
Sending faxes from the EMR, by the professional or the secretary, prescriptions or records
Centre admin
Contextualized help system available throughout the EMR
Sending documents to the patient through secured email
Uploading photos to the patient record via the patient or the caregiver's cellphone
Integration with several pre-billing system
Sending email to the patient about their result
EMR optimized for multi-stakeholder collaboration




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