The business

Omnimed, a company led by Xavier Boilard, supported by his sister, Stéphanie Blais-Boilard (general practitioner) and his mother, Danielle Blais (general practitioner), offers technological tools and also networks health care workers to enable them to share medical knowledge and thereby improve care.

We are the geeks who make possible the realization o your medical projects using our electronic medical record (EMR).

My father said that when he started practicing, medicine was, for him, a science. Then, quickly, it became an art; that of guessing what he did not know, because the patient never gives all the information and the doctor has very rarely access to the entirety of his medical file. At the end of the day, he was haunted by the doubt, the idea that he could have been wrong and made the wrong deduction. It is to reduce this doubt that he imagined a shared electronic file.    - Xavier Boilard, CEO of Omnimed and son of Dr. Boilard

 2 612 000

active patient records in the last year


active institutions

7 700

users from various professions

18 900

appointments every day

One step at a time,

in an Agile way

Technologies are constantly evolving as are the best practices in the health sector, so us too! We do not pretend our proposal is perfect; we seek to always do better.

We work with you

We listen to our customers and try to involve them as much as possible in order to improve our product. It is by working together that we can truly improve care.

Together, as a team.

Without a good team, there is no result. We promote teamwork in order to create a strong relationship between our sixty employees and to highlight the strengths of each one of them. Here, there is a strong sense of belonging, a family spirit that unites us!

Dr Jean Boilard

The beginnings

Omnimed, then called Caduceus, was founded in 1984 by general practitioner Dr. Jean Boilard. Having a pronounced interest in technology, he set up, alongside his medical clinic, a company specializing in the development of computer tools, strongly believing that these can greatly contribute to the organization of work and information.



Founding of Caduceus and development of an index-patient, appointment management and medical billing system.


First record

Development of our first complete electronic patient record.



Collaboration with the Association des médecins omnipraticiens de l’Estrie (AMOE) and about fifty physicians from the region in order to develop a shareable regional electronic medical record and a data exchange platform.


Omnimed foundation

Caduceus makes way for Omnimed to better represent the company and its orientation on the market.



Beginning of the development of interfaces allowing the reception of electronic results from laboratories across the province.


Elsewhere in Quebec

Omnimed comes out of the Eastern Townships and implements its electronic medical record system in other regions of Quebec, starting with Laval.


Agile methodology

The Agile methodology is implemented within the various teams in order to optimize the software development process and to bring the teams to be flexible and able to adapt to everchanging requirements.


Medical projects

Implementation of various medical projects, starting with collaboration with the Chronic Disease Registry.


Web version

Launch of our Web electronic medical record, enabling interinstitution collaboration and better information sharing.



First collaborations with partners for making appointments in order to offer our customers a most complete experience.



Expansion of the Omnimed network thanks to a whole new range of pharmacy services.


Client experience

Redesign of the customer service team by significantly increasing the number of client experience specialists and by integrating personalized follow-ups for all our customers.



Expansion of Château Pope, which houses Omnimed's local, in parallel with the company's growth.


Collaborations between stakeholders

Establishment of a collaborative project between general practitioners and medical specialists through electronic consultations (thus helping to reduce waiting lists in specialties);


Strategic partnership

Strategic partnership with the electronic medical record Toubib in order to offer the best solution on the market to our customers.


Online fax, telemedicine and videoconference

The COVID-19 crisis led the team to develop an online fax solution that allows professionals to send requests, prescriptions or other documents by fax to pharmacies, laboratory or imaging centers, etc. Our partnership with the Quebec platform Reacts also allows telemedicine via videoconference, directly from the EMR.