Delete a laboratory result from the patient record

It is possible to delete a result from the patient record, for example a duplicate or a result scanned in the wrong record. A result can be deleted wherever it appears in the application:

  • Results module
  • Tasks module (if a task is linked to it)
  • Summary box Results of the patient record
  • Summary box Tasks in the patient record

    ⚠️ This action is irreversible.

    It is important to make sure you have a hard copy of the result on hand so that you can re-scan it in the correct folder in the event of a file error or scan codes.

    Delete a result from the patient record

    1. If you are not the author of the result to be deletedselect the author's mandate.
      • ℹ️ If you have been assigned a task linked to the result and you already have the mandate of the requesting doctor in your mandate list, you will not have to select the mandate.
    2. Click the button to access the request details.
    3. Click on the Delete button to delete the result.
    4. Read the warning message. Check the box "Yes, I really want to delete this request and all the associated tasks" then confirm by clicking on the YES button.

    ➡️ Please note 

    • Several steps are necessary (a few clicks) in order to delete a result. This is a voluntary decision in order to reduce deletion errors that might otherwise occur.
    • If there are tasks attached to the result, they will also automatically be deleted. If actions regarding these tasks are still needed, please create new tasks.
    • It is not possible to transfer a result from a record to another. If the result to be deleted must be added to another file, it is possible to add the result manually to the patient's file or to print and scan it in the file.