Highlights - year 2020

The year 2020 has allowed us to rediscover several facets of daily life from different angles than those we usually know. Our habits have changed and had to be adapted to the reality of a global pandemic, something for which no one was really prepared. Looking back, we at Omnimed are proud of what we have accomplished with you for the good of the population in 2020.

COVID-19 requires, we adapt

  • The arrival of the scanned signature, which is not mandatory on the documents sent, but which adds your own signature, scanned, on the documents to be printed, faxed, or sent by email.
  • The arrival of the electronic signature, which is automatically displayed on standardized requests and orders, without any intervention on your own.
  • Development of online faxing of prescriptions, clinical tools including requests as well as clinical notes in order to promote remote consultations and reduce the physical exchange of paper between the health professional and the patient.
  • Link up with Reacts to enable teleconsultation in order to reduce face-to-face appointments and promote videoconferencing consultations.
  • Development of several clinical tools for the COVID-19 trajectory in order to push these tools from the ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) into Omnimed and to facilitate your work with the most recent recommendations from the ministry.
  • Sending clinical tools via email directly to the patient including requests, work stopping, or others.

Our infrastructure is solidifying and Omnimed's image is renewed

With the increasing use of the Internet with telecommuting, distance schooling, etc., several platforms all over the world have suffered service disruptions, and Omnimed has not been immune. These anxiety-provoking periods for you and for us have led our teams to carry out important work on the infrastructure that supports Omnimed's operations, and several of our technologies have been reviewed and improved.

As an example, since the work was completed, updating the action logs of a note with four clinical tools takes 3.69 seconds, while before it took 16.19 seconds.

So, we took the opportunity to push these improvements a little further and with the help of UX designers, we saw fit to renew our appearance by making our platform more modern, more readable, and more navigable so that its use is optimized.

This breath of fresh air has brought several visual changes, particularly in terms of typography, colors, logo, and navigation in Omnimed and on our other platforms.

Other bulk news

In addition to the infrastructure and COVID-19 work that took a lot of our time (and with good reason!), here are some other non-exhaustive additions that were made during the year to improve your use of the EMR:

  • Directory: Addition of a directory of various resources such as drugstores, imaging and sampling centers, etc. It is available in the left menu and can be edited by everyone so that it is as up-to-date as possible.
  • Identification of the patient's drugstore in the Administrative center: Allows the sending in one click of a prescription by fax directly to the patient's drugstore via the prescriber.
  • Schedule templates: Possibility to create templates in the Appointment module in order to reuse them from one week to another and therefore to optimize the management of appointments.
  • Note on the prescription: It is now possible to add a note to the pharmacist's attention in relation to the entire prescription, rather than having to enter a note that affects the total prescription on each medication.
  • Simultaneous display of several calendars: Multiple agendas view in the same window in the Appointment module to facilitate the assignment of appointments.
  • Filter by date of clinical notes: Possibility to display only the notes of a chosen interval to speed up the search or to restrict the number of notes to print or fax.

And much more!

✨ Thank you for being there, for helping us improve the Omnimed electronic medical record and for participating in improving health care in Quebec. Happy New Year 2021 to all!