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I am the institution’s manager


Being the institution's manager comes with its rights and tasks. The institution manager has, most of the time, the right to access the administrator account, the right to merge duplicate patient records and it is also the contact person with whom we communicate for personalized follow-ups concerning Omnimed's purpose and use in the institution.

Access the administrator account

You are your institution's manager? You probably have the rights for the administrator account. Only designated people can access this account through the Need a hand? button in the left menu.

Work in the administrator account

In the administrator account, you can validate many parameters and take different actions. The Status section allows you to verify the RAMQ registration's importation status for your institution's physicians.

The Task management section is where you can manage quick tasks and task queues. These quick tasks and task queues will facilitate your administrative staff's daily work, among others.

The Admin waiting room management section allows the creation of one or many waiting rooms for your institution. It also allows you to empty the waiting rooms to take out all the patients from them or to delete one of them.

The Patient document printing management section will be useful to patient documents that will be available to all Omnimed users in your institution. You can also create patient document groups in this section to facilitate their printing.

The Appointment management helps you manage appointment activities and status to fit the needs of your institution.

ℹ️ Many options can be customized in the administrator account. We invite you to talk with your team to see how you want to work with these tools. Each institution uses them in their own way, depending on their needs!

Merge two patient records

As the manager, you probably have the merging rights in your institution. You can delegate these rights to another trustworthy person if needed. Considering Omnimed is a shareable EMR, you always have to search for your patient with different criteria before creating a new record in order to avoid creating a duplicate. If a duplicate record was created even with the correct validations, with the merging rights, you can ask to merge the record of a duplicate patient directly into the right patient's Administrative center. This is applicable only if two records exist for the same patient. If more than two records exist for the same patient, if there is a HIN, sex or name change or if both records have two different HIN for the same patient, you need to ask for the merge through this form. Indeed, when it is not possible for our team to quickly validate if both records belong to the same patient, a proof or an explanation is needed and must be sent through the form.

Custom training adapted for institution managers is offered by our project managers and can include the subjects mentioned in this article, in addition to everything that could meet your institution's needs.