Keeping track of cancelled appointments

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The Cancel Appointment feature currently completely deletes the appointment and does not keep a record of cancellations in the schedule and the patient’s administrative centre.

Whether it's to investigate a cancelled appointment, analyse a patient's absenteeism or cancellation patterns, or to bill cancellation fees, if your clinic wants to maintain a record of the cancelled appointment, here is the alternative procedure to follow.

A. Prior configuration via the administrator account  

B. Steps to follow   🎦 Watch the tutorial

Our team is currently working on this topic. Here are the three developments that will be made during the year 2024:

  • Document the reason for the cancellation and whether the cancellation is made by the patient or the clinic 🚩IN PILOT
  • Keep a record of the canceled appointment in the patient's administrative center 🚩IN PILOT
  • Being able to filter schedules in order to see canceled appointments or not

A. Prior configuration via the administrator account : 

Add a new appointment activity

  1. Access the administrator account.
  2. Click on Manage activies in the Appointment management section.
  3. Click on the + in the lower right corner.
  4. Complete the default information associated with the new activity:
    1. Colour - Select red 
    2. Name - Enter Cancelled appointment (or any other name you like)
    3. Default appointment type - Select Other

Click Add to save the activity.

B. Steps to follow:

🎦  Watch the tutorialVideo

From the Display schedule details view

  1. Click on the appointment to access the details window.
  2. Click on the Move the appointment icon
  3. In the view showing the next availabilities in the calendar, click again on the Move the appointment icon in the top left-hand corner:
  4. In the Move an appointement window: 
    1. Change the appointment activity to the new activity representing cancelled appointments
    2. Keep the appointment date and time (don't make any changes!)
    3. Add the reason for the cancellation in the Description if necessary
    4. Uncheck the boxes for automated communications (Modification notice and Reminder)
    5. Click on Move


    The availability slot will then be freed up for another patient. The cancelled appointment will continue to appear in the user’s schedule:

    The appointment will also continue to be displayed in the patient's administrative centre:

    Good to know :

    • If you print labels from the Agenda view, labels will be printed for cancelled appointments too.

    ⚒️ Developments are planned to provide our users with a permanent standard procedure.