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Prerequisites to access the QHR from the EMR

⚠️ Please note that we are not Quebec Health Record (Dossier santé Québec). If you do not have a QHR key or if you have questions concerning QHR Production, outside of Omnimed, you must contact their customer service directly.

Access to the QHR for laboratories, imaging reports, and medications is available through Omnimed's EMR. Before starting the configurations necessary to access the QHR viewer in Omnimed, please take into account the following prerequisites.

Eligible professionals

Some healthcare professionals* can access the QHR viewer:

  • Doctor with a practice number from the Collège des médecins du Québec
  • Nurse and auxiliary nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Medicine resident
  • People who provide technical support to doctors and pharmacists or who possess a QHR key (who have an Omnimed account composed of seven numbers)


  • QHR key owners who have an Omnimed username with letters and numbers can't access the QHR viewer. Considering this, we invite you to connect to the production QHR.
  • It is not possible for externs to access to this platform through Omnimed because they don't own an internship card issued by the Collège des médecins du Québec.

Other prerequisites

  • We need to have received your RAMQ institution's billing number (shared by your manager). If you're in a private clinic, your establishment doesn't own a RAMQ number. Please join us and we'll open a request for you to obtain a unique identification number for your clinic.
  • All healthcare professionals mentioned above except doctors must complete this form BEFORE the QHR setup if their Omnimed account was created before February 2018.
  • Your QHR access device (UBS key) must be plugged into your computer at all times.
  • Your system needs to run on Windows 7 or a newer version (it is not compatible with Mac unless you have a Windows virtual machine).
  • You have to use Google Chrome's web browser (with a recent version).


In order to be able to use the QHR viewer, configurations are required.

  1. Computer configuration
    A procedure has been sent to your authorized service center/network administrator and clinic administrator on April 18th, 2016, so that the installations can be made on your workstation. If your institution doesn't have access to an authorized service center or to a network administrator, you can proceed to the installation by following this individual installation procedure.
  2. Profile configuration
    In order to be able to access the QHR viewer, you need to add your QHR key identifier to your user profile. Discover how to set your user profile.

*Only authorized people can access the Quebec Health Record (QHR). The Act respecting the sharing of certain health information identifies the people who may be authorized to access the information collected by the QHR.