Produce an invoice and record the payment

The following article presents how to produce an invoice and receive its payment in the Private billing module.

Create a new invoice
Record a payment

⚙️ Pre-configurations per institution are required in order to produce invoices. These configurations are made by your institution's administrator account holder

Create a new invoice

An invoice is always associated with a patient. It can be linked to a caregiver or not. The invoice must contain one or more products.

  1. Access the Private billing module from the Administrative center.
  2. Click on the New invoice tab.
  3. Validate the patient's information in the header of the page. The patient's balance appears on the right. If necessary, click on the arrow to the right ot the balance to reduce the space allocated to the header.
  4. Complete the information in the New Invoice section:
    1. Invoice type: The Invoice option is selected by default. If it is a quote, select the option Quote.
    2. Effective date: Today's date is added to the invoice by default. To change this date, click on the calendar icon to select another date or click directly in the text field. Please note that it is not possible to select a date in the future, nor a date prior to the closing date of the accounting period.
    3. Service date: Today's date is added by default as the service date. To change this date, click on the calendar icon to select another date, or click directly in the text field.
    4. Company (optional): If one or more companies are configured, select the company associated to the current invoice. If no company is selected, the clinic's contact information will be displayed by default on the invoice.
    5. Caregiver (optional): Select the caregiver associated to the invoice if applicable. The list of participants is composed of the user accounts associated with the connection institution.When a caregiver produces his own pre-bill or invoice, his name is displayed by default.
  5. Associate a third-party payer (if applicable): If the invoice is not paid by the patient but rather by a third-party payer (e.g. insurance company), activate the switch in the Third-party payer section and associate a third party payer.
  6. Add products to the current invoice by clicking the Add Products button in the Invoice content section and then searching for a product by name, code or product group. ⍰Can't find a product? Please contact your institution's administrator account holder so they can configure it as needed.

    It is then possible to change the quantity associated with each product and add a discount (percentage or dollar) on a product.
    If the product has been configured with a variable price, adjust the price as required.
  7. Add a note to the invoice (optional).
  8. It is then possible to add a discount (percentage or dollar) to the invoice total (optional).

  9. Save the invoice with one of the three buttons at the bottom of the page depending on the situation:
    1. Prebill;
    2. Bill;
    3. Bill and pay.

Record a payment

A payment is always associated with an invoice. It can cover part or all of the invoice amount. Several payment methods are available, e.g. cash, debit, check or credit card.

⚠️ Notes

  • Once an invoice has been paid in full or in part, it is impossible to modify the products it contains.
  • It is impossible to pay an invoice in a closed accounting period.
  1. Click on the Bill and pay button at the bottom of a new invoice, or the Pay button at the bottom of an existing invoice.
  2. Select the method of payment. The amount displayed is the balance to be paid of the invoice. If necessary, modify the amount to be paid and add a comment.
  3. Click on the Pay button. The invoice will appear on the screen as a print preview with the mention "Paid". Click on the download icon to download the invoice in PDF format or on the printer icon to print it. The invoice is displayed according to the patient's language of communication in the Administrative center. If no communication language is previously selected, the invoice is displayed in French by default.
  4. If needed, the Send by email, Print, Credit and Refund options are available in the Invoice content section.
  5. The payment is documented at the bottom of the invoice in the Transactions section.