Register a patient in the waiting room with a check-in kiosk

With the implementation of a check-in kiosk at the front desk, patients can register themselves in the waiting room, freeing your staff from this administrative task.


  • Corporate package
  • Check-in kiosk
  • Installation and configuration of the check-in kiosk application (performed by the Omnimed technical team)

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⚠️ Multiple waiting rooms

In its current form, the check-in kiosk only allows patient registration to one waiting room. A sign can be placed near the kiosk to direct the patient to a specific waiting room.

Open the check-in kiosk

The kiosk application is opened automatically when the kiosk is opened.

Patient check-in at the waiting room

Upon arrival at the clinic, the patient must follow the instructions on the kiosk screen: 

  1. Place the bar code on the back of your health insurance card in front of the optical reader (red light projected onto the tablet). 
    Older cards have the bar code on the front.
    The display language is the one indicated in the Contact information section of the patient Administrative center.
  2. Verify personal information. If a change is needed, a message instructs the patient to go to the reception desk.
  3. A validation message confirms to the patient that he is registered and invites him to go to the waiting room. 
    If the patient is late for an appointment, if certain information needs to be updated in the patient's file, or if no appointment is found, the message instead instructs the patient to go to reception desk.
  4. Optional: The patient can place the barcode of his health card in front of the scanner to return to the home page to remove personal information. Otherwise, the page is reset after the configured delay.

A personalised message can be configured to be displayed each time a health insurance card is read. The message then appears before the patient information and appointment details.

View the waiting room registration

Once the patient has checked in with the kiosk, the clock icon appears in the calendar to indicate that the patient is registered in the waiting room. The appointment status is also confirmed by the green check mark icon.


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