View the patient's appointments

Whether it’s because the patient is calling you because he can’t remember his next appointment, because you need to know how often the patient has visited your institution, because you need the patient’s list of appointments with all caregivers of your institution, or anything else, the patient's appointment list is a must for the patient's Administrative center.

View the patient's appointment

To access the Administrative center, simply click on the patient icon to the left of the patient's name. The Appointments section of the Administrative center allows you to quickly consult the appointments assigned to the same patient within your connection institution:

  • next appointment date (future date displayed in black);
  • all appointments for today (current date displayed in blue);
  • last appointment date or the appointment to be reassigned (past date displayed in grey).

You can also view a more complete list of appointments assigned to the patient in your institution by clicking the View All button located at the bottom of the Appointments section.

ℹ️ Please note

  • The appointment list is divided into 3 sections: Future, Today, and Past. A maximum of 10 appointments can be displayed in each section.
  • The following details will be displayed: the date and time, the caregiver, the activity (if there is one), the title, the description, and the state (to be reassigned, canceled) of the appointment.
  • You can click on an appointment to view all of its details. However, you cannot do any actions on the appointment from this window.

    Access an appointment to modify it

    Clicking on the calendar icon to the right of an appointment allows you to access this appointment in the Appointment module. This button redirects to the Agenda view of the Display schedule details mode. The details window that appears allows you to print, modify, cancel, or move the appointment.

    ℹ️ Please note

    • Canceled events or appointments are not displayed in the view.
    • Appointments to be reassigned are presented with a yellow label marked "To reassign".
    • The event's description will appear under the title. If there are [...] at the end of the description, it means that it is longer than what you can see there. Click on the [...] in order to see the whole description.
    • This information is specific to the institution. You won't be able to see your patient's appointments in other institutions.