Les projets et trajectoires Omnimed

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La collaboration est au cœur de notre processus. C'est en travaillant avec vous, avec une écoute attentive et active que nous pouvons vous proposer une application qui améliore votre efficience et par extension, les soins.

The COPD project is part of the reflexive practice and is aimed primarily at first-line professionals, in collaboration with medical specialists. This project aims to better target the COPD clientele, or potentially COPD. The tools developed to contribute to optimizing patient care trajectories and adjusting their treatment according to GOLD.

projet MPOC

Prescribing pediatric doses has never been easier! View the full product monograph in RxVigilance. Access a pediatric dose calculator within the prescriber (calculate the dose based on age and weight by integrating the concept of max dose). The patient's age and weight can be automatically entered on your prescriptions to facilitate the pharmacist's work. Work as a team to gain efficiency. The clinical note can be documented by more than one person. You can therefore document a single note for the patient's visit in collaboration with the triage and vaccination nurse.

projet PEDIA

This project is primarily aimed at first-line professionals. The objective of the project is to identify patients who are at risk of developing an addiction by taking too many drugs. Health professionals have access to a report that identifies their patients aged 65 and over with an active prescription of hypnotic sedative, opioid or proton pump inhibitors (PPI).

projet PHARMA

The Iron Study project seeks the participation of general practitioners wishing to actively contribute to the advancement of research on the treatment of anemia in women aged 18 to 45 years. This project is led by the research team of the research institute of the McGill University Health Center.

projet DERMA

Benoit Cossette, pharmacist, researcher, and teacher, was working on implementing a collaborative project about Magog’s elderly people who are taking several different medications. The challenge? Bridge the gap among all healthcare professionals to ensure close collaboration.

projet ORTHO

Dr. Béland does her reflective practice thanks to Omnimed tools and dashboards.

The EMR allows her to preventively identify patients at risk for developing a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


The Rheumatology Institute of Montreal helps Omnimed develop tools for specialists.

Specialist physicians, in order to take advantage of the Omnimed network, contribute to the development of the EMR.


Dr. Le Blanc and Dr. Blais-Boilard save a patient using the e-consults.

Collaboration between the two doctors helped detect a first case of multiple myeloma before it was too late in a healthy 50-year-old man.