Falling among the reflective practice projects*, the Deprescribing project allows the evaluation of its practice by targeting patients who could benefit from medication deprescribing.

This project is primarily aimed at first-line professionals. The objective of the project is to identify patients who are at risk of developing an addiction by taking too many drugs.

Health professionals have access to a report that identifies their patients aged 65 and over with an active prescription of hypnotic sedative, opioid or proton pump inhibitors (PPI).

For each drug category, a clinical tool is available to help the physician in his decision to initiate deprescribing or not. The clinical tool also contains several pieces of training and documentation materials on the subject to assist both the healthcare professional and the patient. Within the clinical tool, it is possible to send an information sheet by email to the patient.

*Reflective practice allows physicians to question their practice, solve complex cases and implement new ways of doing things to improve patient care.

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