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Consult the transmissions status (fax, email and SMS) and resend a document

The Transmissions module allows to track the routing of fax, email and SMS communications sent from the electronic medical record (EMR) by your institution. The status of each transmission is logged in order to identify transmission failures and take action.


Consult the list of transmissions 
Retransmit a document
Print a document
Ignore a transmission

View the list of transmissions 

  1. Click on Transmissions in the left menu to open the module.
  2. Choose the parameters to filter the list of transmissions.
    • Date range: Select the time interval to consider when generating the list of transmissions. The current date is selected by default in order to display only the transmissions of the day.
    • Type: Select the type of transmissions to review (All, Fax, Email or SMS).
    • Status: Select All to view all transmissions or Error to view only transmissions that could not be completed successfully.
  3. The list of transmissions is displayed according to the selected criteria. For each transmission, the following information is presented:
    • Sender: User who initiated the transmission.
      ⚠️ Available for fax transmissions only (email and SMS to come).
    • Recipient: For fax transmissions, the recipient includes the fax number and name of the recipient in the Directory. Email transmissions display the email address used and SMS transmissions display the cell phone number.

🔍 Consult the details of a transmission
Clicking on a transmission in the list allows you to view the log of automatic retransmissions for a fax transmission or to view the events (opened, spam, etc.) for an email transmission.

Resend a document

The Transmissions module allows documents to be retransmitted if needed, either to the original recipient or to another recipient. 

  1. Click on the paper airplane icon to the right of a transmission to retransmit it. 
  2. The original contact information can be changed to correct an error or to forward the document to another recipient.
  3. Click on the Confirm button.
  4. To remove the "Error" status from the list of transmissions, click on the Ignore option. The "Error" status will then be changed to "Ignored" and the transmission will no longer appear under the "Error" filter.

Print a document

The Transmissions module allows to print a document that has already been transmitted, including the scanned signature if applicable. The documents that can be printed are clinical tools and prescriptions.

  1. Click on the three-dot icon to the right of a transmission to display the available options. 
  2. Click on Print.

Ignore a transmission

The Transmissions module allows to ignore a transmission in progress or error status in order to stop automatic retransmissions. There can be up to 6 retransmission attempts.

  1. Click on the three-dot icon to the right of a transmission to display the available options. 
  2. Click on Ignore.